You Ought’a be in Movies! | July 18th, 2011

Have you ever thought of posting your own video to the web? It’s not that difficult and it can actually be a great tool for building awareness of your company.

Here’s a great trivia question for you: Can you guess how many views per day YouTube gets?

Consumers spend hours on the internet watching videos, and not just the funny ones that you see in our Levity Link. The internet has also become a great learning tool.

Here is what we’ve personally searched for within the last few months:

  • Bass guitar lessons
  • Dishwasher repair
  • Faucet repair
  • Lawnmower repair
  • Basic house framing

(As you can see, a lot of things needed to be fixed lately)

Through these video pages you can also often find links to the creator’s website or their own YouTube channel. Some videos will also have a plug at the end endorsing their product. Can you see where a useful or entertaining video will result in more exposure? One of my customers even reported uploading a video of a horse for sale. She received inquiries on the horse long before she did any other kind of advertising, just in response to the video.

With recent advances in video cameras, just about anyone can post a video. Many cameras even come with software for uploading directly to the web.

While there are several services available, I generally recommend posting to YouTube. If your intent is to place the video on your website and you’d prefer a more streamline look, you may choose to upload it to Vimeo as well. Once your video has been uploaded and processed, you can easily have your video embedded in your own website or blog for your customers to view, and if you make your video public, you will also benefit from the random exposure of people searching for a specific subject. (Just keep in mind that there are some basic content rules to follow in order to benefit from this, such as how you name your video.)

Want to utilize this great tool for building awareness of your business or organization? Think about how you can best highlight your product or service. If you sell a specialized tool, you could create a video demonstrating how to use it. You might interview customers to create a “live” testimonial that increases your credibility. You could even post a funny video that has little to do with your business, but that might gain your website some exposure.

Whatever you choose to do, an online video will most certainly get you a little more attention.

Want the answer to our trivia question above? YouTube gets three billion views per day. That’s right – three billion. That’s a lot of people just looking for something new to watch.



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