Writing Better Blog Posts | February 7th, 2011

As more businesses contemplate implementing a blog or newsletter into their online marketing presence, one of the questions I am frequently asked is how to come up with good content. Blog posts need to be informative to your clients, but the search engines need to be considered as well. An ideal blog post should be interesting enough that people feel compelled to forward the link to a friend or colleague. It should also be able to be found by the search engines for the particular topic you are covering.

Here are five tips for creating good content:

1. Write it yourself. There is a wealth of information available on the internet today and it may be tempting to subscribe to a service that provides pre-written content, but people will perceive this as a lack of sincerity.  If you need to do research on a particular topic, by all means use the resources available to you, but write the article yourself. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, but don’t worry about sounding like the next Thoreau. A post written in an informal style will be far more compelling.

2. Think of your clients. What questions do you get asked frequently? Not only does this ensure that you are writing about something that is of interest to your client base, you are also creating a resource for your business. If you find yourself explaining a certain aspect of your business on a regular basis, write about it. You can then refer your customers to that page of your blog as needed.

3. Write about what you know. This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes its easy to forget that not all people possess your expertise. Knowledge that you take for granted may be of great interest to your clients.

4. Use your key phrases. Okay, here is the SEO part. You want to generate traffic to your blog. So why not implement your keywords and phrases just as you’d do on your website? With blogging software, such as WordPress, you can also take advantage of post tags. You have the ability to add tags – these would be the same as your keywords or phrases – to your articles that encourage more search engine traffic as well. (Read The Art of Website Content for more information on developing a key word list and integrating it in your website.)

5. Create compelling titles. The first thing a search engine sees is the title of your post, so make sure it is apparent what the post is about. The challenge, of course is to also make sure the title appeals to the potential reader. For example, the title “Vitamin D for Better Health” is far better than “The New Miracle Vitamin” from both a search engine’s and a reader’s standpoint.


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