The Value of Answering Questions | April 18th, 2011

Answer QuestionsEverybody wants more traffic on their website, but few people take full advantage of all the rules of search engine optimization. One of the biggies is offering quality content on your website.

Content is what drives the search engines, but this doesn’t mean having paragraphs laden with key words and phrases. You are far better off providing content that is of value to your visitors. Sure, there will be key words, but that should not be your one and only focus. In fact, text that contains too many key words or phrases might actually hinder your search engine standings. After all, the driving purpose behind Google and other search engines is to provide the best quality results to internet searchers.

Your website most likely exists because you want to sell a product or service. Chances are you’ve also tried to optimize the content so that when someone searches for your type of business, your site will come up somewhere on the first page of results. So how do you improve on this and offer quality content that will increase traffic? You might consider answering questions.

The internet is often used by people looking to fix something or find out information about a certain topic, so why not capitalize on this trend? Here is an example: Say you own a paint store. Someone searches for “repairing dents in drywall”. You happen to have a resource for preparing walls for painting that explains the best procedure for repairing drywall. The visitor lands on your website and after getting their question answered, clicks around and decides to buy their paint from you. Voila! Quality content gets you noticed AND gets you business.

Here is an idea if you own a restaurant, bar or pub: List local events on a calendar on your site, as well as area attractions. Maybe you’re located on the coast and your calendar and information section lists a lighthouse tour. Someone searches for “lighthouse tour” and comes across your website. They decide to stop in after their tour of the lighthouse.

Think about questions that clients have asked you and provide answers to them. Take time to consider the opportunity you have to provide a valuable resource with your website. Not only will you attract more attention from the search engines, but you may gain new customers as well.




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