The Blogless Blogger | August 1st, 2011

Blogs are fantastic tools for building website traffic and brand awareness. However, they are only effective if you keep them updated on a regular basis – at least a couple quality articles per month. That kind of time commitment, along with the perception that good articles are difficult to write, prevent a lot of people from starting a blog of their own.

What if you could test the blogging waters, without jumping in over your head?

Although it may require a little extra effort on your part, it is possible to write an isolated article and get it published without any further commitment.

First of all, discard the notion it is difficult to write. Read our article: Writing Better Blog Posts to get you started. Then, once you have your article written, enlist the help of a knowledgeable friend or colleague to proof read it and make suggestions.

The next step is to get published. By all means, your article should go on your website. You want your existing customers to be able to find it, as well as the search engines. You should then also link to it from your Facebook, LinkIn and/or Twitter account.

But, don’t stop there. You want as many people to read your article as possible. Do a little research online to find blogs with similar topics and inquire as to whether they accept outside submissions. There are even paid services that will submit your article to several different sites for you. A word to the wise, though. Google doesn’t like recycled content, so your efforts may backfire if you submit the exact same article to 100 different sites. Instead, submit your article to fewer sites, but with a higher number of visitors, and try to rework the article for each one. You might change the wording slightly, use synonyms, or reorder the paragraphs for example.

Another resource is a blog carnival. Blog carnivals are blogs containing posts followed by a list of links pointing to articles on a particular subject.  Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis – either weekly or monthly.  The website Blog Carnival seems to have a good list, and allows you to select carnivals to submit your article to.

You might also network with other business owners to determine if your article would benefit their audience as well. Ask if you can include it on their website, blog or email newsletter.

Don’t neglect good old-fashioned newsprint either. Local newspapers, magazines, and trade publications often welcome submissions from the business community. As a bonus, your article may go before an editor that will revise any awkward wording or incorrect grammar so that you don’t have to agonize over whether your writing is up to par.

Of course, with each of these mediums, make sure that you and your business get credit for the article. If the article is online, a link back to your site should be mandatory.

Once you’ve taken this first step, you may find that a blog of your own is a logical choice. However, if you’re still not sure you can commit the time, you’ll have at least laid the groundwork for publishing an article a couple times a year. And that is a very good start.

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