The Best Bloggers – Some Inspiration | November 21st, 2011

Bloggers, I have found, tend to fall into three categories:

1. The first category are those that decide a blog is a good idea, set one up, make a couple posts, and then forever neglect it as it gathers cobwebs and drops from sight.

2. The second category are those that feel a blog is a good idea, set one up, and then litter it with bits of meaningless, recycled information, thus irritating both the search engines and potential readers.

3. The third category are those that feel a blog is a good idea, set one up, and then thoughtfully and regularly post interesting content, thus encouraging website traffic as well as creating an enriching experience for their readers. Yay!

(There is a 4th category as well – the would be blogger that is intimidated by the idea of creating content on a regular basis, and therefore never takes the next step of setting up a blog.)

What category are you in? If you are in category three, congratulations!

If you are in any of the other categories, not to worry. We’re not here to pick on you, but rather to supply a little inspiration to help you get on track.

Katie Murphy's BlogFirst things first. To start, we’d like to award one of Tebo Design Studio’s clients with the Awesome Blog Award! Katie Murphy of Murphy Eventing please step forward!

What has Katie done to deserve this award? What makes her blog so special?

Katie’s blog falls squarely into the third category. She posts regular, entertaining stories on her blog about her adventures as an up and coming eventer. (For those non-horsey people, eventing is a sport in which you perform a disciplined and elegant dressage test, which is much like ballet with your horse, and then race hell bent for leather over hill and dale jumping large immovable obstacles, followed by a slightly more controlled round on a show jumping course. Personally, the thought of eventing my horse always made me queasy, but Katie is much more intrepid than I.)

Katie’s posts can be tearful (her painful decision to sell her event horse, Fitty), joyful (the engagement ring!), or hilarious (her horse, Garth’s first person account of the secret motives of chipmunks). Most importantly, her posts are genuine. There is no contrived or forced commentary, just 100% pure original content.

The result? Take a look at one of Katie’s posts. I guarantee you there are comments. And comments mean people are reading her stuff.

In addition, you might find links to relevant websites or Facebook pages from within her articles, and if you look at her Facebook page you’ll see it is utilized to bring people to her blog. In essence, she has created a circle that keeps her in front of her readers. She is doing everything right.

However, the most amazing thing about Katie’s blog may be the very fact she finds time to write it at all. In addition to training, competing and caring for her horses, she holds a full time job and is furthering her education with additional business classes and equestrian certifications.

What can we learn from Katie? That blogging is approachable no matter what your career path, and that posts do not have to be carefully researched educational pieces to be of great worth. We might also discover that, with determination and focus, you can achieve anything, whether it be hurtling over imposing obstacles with an equine partner, or creating a blog worth reading.

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