Creating a To-Don’t List | September 19th, 2011

We all have them. To-do lists on our desks, on our refrigerators, and on our calendars. Our lives are ruled by to-do lists. But equally important, or perhaps even more important, are the to-don’t lists.

A to-don’t list is exactly as it sounds. It is a list of items to stop doing.

Creating a to-don’t list requires you to take a hard look at the activities you do on a daily basis that are counter-intuitive to success. It might be that you need to stop the obvious, such as spending time on Facebook, playing computer games, or browsing the internet. These distractions can derail your momentum.

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One of the Best Tools I’ve Found This Year! | July 25th, 2011

I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier. It’s not that I’m lazy. I don’t mind putting in a long day if that’s what it takes to keep my business running. However, if I can automate some tasks so that I can concentrate on more important things (like writing this newsletter), I’m all for it.

One of the things I’ve always struggle with is keeping my files backed up. It’s really, really important given the staggering amount of hours of spent creating artwork for numerous businesses and organizations, but I always seemed to fall short of the ideal daily backup.

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The 20 Minute Study Habit | March 21st, 2011

Do you need to study for a certification test for career advancement?  Maybe you simply want to familiarize yourself with the latest information available in your field of expertise? A good friend of mine shared this helpful tip a few months ago. (Thanks David!) Not wanting to post untried information, I waited until I had opportunity to test it out myself. I wanted learn a new web design technique and had previously found the task daunting. It was a lot of extra coding that I needed to learn, but this study habit made it manageable.

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The Fantastic Flowchart | November 22nd, 2010

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
– Mark Twain

Okay, flowcharts may not seem fantastic, or even remotely interesting. However, a well-executed flowchart can improve your efficiency, no matter how large or small your business.

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The Action List | September 27th, 2010

Is your career or business stuck in a rut? Try this simple method to optimize your results. I can’t lay claim to the idea personally, and I always hope to give credit where credit is due, but I honestly can’t remember where I read it. I do know that this time management technique has been used by successful CEOs, so I think it’s worthwhile. It has worked for me.

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