Just Show Up. | November 28th, 2011

I recently enjoyed a brief presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best selling memoir Eat, Pray, Love. In her talk she spoke at length of the immense pressures artists feel while trying to create their next great work, whether it be a novel, a painting, a piece of music or dance. In an effort to quell her own fear that she would never produce another great work, she researched creativity through the ages. She discovered that some ancient cultures believed that creativity came from outside the self. In fact the word “genius” originally referred to an external being that would bestow a bit of its infinite knowledge upon a designated human. These entities were often tethered to a specific place – a sacred spot where an individual would go to pursue their life’s calling and thus make the connection with their genius.

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The Best Bloggers – Some Inspiration | November 21st, 2011

Bloggers, I have found, tend to fall into three categories:

1. The first category are those that decide a blog is a good idea, set one up, make a couple posts, and then forever neglect it as it gathers cobwebs and drops from sight.

2. The second category are those that feel a blog is a good idea, set one up, and then litter it with bits of meaningless, recycled information, thus irritating both the search engines and potential readers.

3. The third category are those that feel a blog is a good idea, set one up, and then thoughtfully and regularly post interesting content, thus encouraging website traffic as well as creating an enriching experience for their readers. Yay!

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Playing the Mental Game | October 3rd, 2011

Playing Mental GamesI’m a little bit mental. Okay, actually I’m a lot mental.

What that means is that I spend a great deal of time conducting a self study on how my brain works. I examine my thought process in an effort to discover the reasons why I do the things I do. Such as why I lose my creative stride after a few days of design work; how I perceive money and the way I manage it; why I habitually leave laundry in the dryer until it needs to be ironed; how I juggle administrative tasks and client jobs; and why I occasionally procrastinate (I’m writing this Monday Morning blog Sunday night. Again.).

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Practice Until You Succeed | September 26th, 2011

Practice Make PerfectAthletes don’t become Olympians overnight. Dancers do not get the lead role in Swan Lake within a week of signing up for ballet lessons. Musicians do not produce gold records a month after first picking up a guitar.

To become truly great, no matter if there is natural talent present or not, requires hours and hours of practice.

So why, as business owners, do we think we’re supposed to be good at managing a business the minute we hang up the open sign?

Becoming successful requires practice.

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Creating a To-Don’t List | September 19th, 2011

We all have them. To-do lists on our desks, on our refrigerators, and on our calendars. Our lives are ruled by to-do lists. But equally important, or perhaps even more important, are the to-don’t lists.

A to-don’t list is exactly as it sounds. It is a list of items to stop doing.

Creating a to-don’t list requires you to take a hard look at the activities you do on a daily basis that are counter-intuitive to success. It might be that you need to stop the obvious, such as spending time on Facebook, playing computer games, or browsing the internet. These distractions can derail your momentum.

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