10 Email Marketing Tips | October 4th, 2010

Email Marketing is an easy, effective, and highly affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members. You can build strong connections with your audience that will lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.

However, many businesses aren’t sure where to start. How do you develop compelling content for email newsletters? Some companies effectively send repeated promotional offers, but to keep your reader’s interest you may need to offer something more.

Here are 10 ideas for developing your email content.

Recipe for Success1. Recipes – Everyone loves food! Offer your customers a weekly recipe to keep your name in their minds. Are you in the health care business? Make healthy food suggestions. Do you own a specialty food shop? Create recipes that feature an ingredient that you sell.

2. Give Thanks – Send out an occasional heart-felt thank you to your subscribers! Nothing makes a greater impression than a company or organization that takes the time to appreciate it’s customers or members.

3. Offer “Email Only” Coupons – Not only is this a great way to build business, but it also helps you track your advertising campaign. Redeemed coupons will truly reflect the effectiveness of your advertising message.

4. Announce Winners – Let your readers know that you’ll be randomly choosing a client each week or month to win a prize. List their name at the middle or bottom of your newsletter to encourage your subscribers to read through the page to look for the winner.

5. Trivia – Want to drive more traffic to your website? Offer interesting trivia questions in your newsletters, and place the answers on your website to encourage readers to click through.

6. Advice – If you’ve been in business long enough, chances are you have some valuable advice to offer your customers. However, if you have a lot of advice to give, don’t overwhelm your customers all at once. Break it up into several weekly articles to keep readers looking forward to the next issue.

7. Client Spotlight – Highlight one of your clients in your newsletter. Your client may even be willing to provide you with the material. If you write the article yourself, just be sure to get their permission first!

8. Testimonials – Add a brief client testimonial to your newsletter. This is a valuable addition to any of your promotional materials whether it be your email campaign, website, brochure, or even back of your business card!

9. Event Calendar – Let your customers know what’s happening! List fun events that are happening in your area. If appropriate, offer a coupon or discount for people who stop by while they’re out enjoying the activities.

10. Weather Forecast – This one may seem odd, but if you are in a business that depends on the weather (ski shop, fishing charters, or snowmobile sales, for example), your customers may appreciate a weekly report of the conditions in your area.

If you pick and choose from this list of ideas – and try to have a little fun with it – you should have a newsletter that’s worth reading.

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